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March 01, 2007



Hey Chicas!

Nice new blog! Welcome back to the blog world! We missed you, but are SO excited to have you back in our shop teaching this month! Don't forget to put up a picture of Darby's Layout....March 9! Also, my link doesn't work :( I don't know why...but it doesn't matter because you are awesome anyway! Love you both! Sheri

Tammy Roper

Got your link fixed Sheri! Sorry about that.....had an extra letter in the addie :) I am working on getting everything up....darbys class pix is next to go in!! Thanks for everything..we love you to!!


Hey Tammy! Just wanted to say Hi and glad I finally found your new blog! It was good to see you all at the Red Hot Crop and wished we had time to chat. As usual, you're layouts are awesome (I've been looking at the ones you're doing for Sheri, she's a blast to be around). I need to get to Bolivar sometime. Give Darby I big "hey" too.

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